5 Open House Sign-In Strategies

Open House

If your summer open houses aren’t gaining traction, try these tips to boost your sign-in leads. 

1. Branding Your Sign-In Sheet

If your sign-in sheet goes straight from Excel to the printer, there might be a problem. No one wants their leads to feel like signing into a PTA meeting. To create a beautiful spreadsheet, use your professional branding standards, such as colors, fonts, logos, and headshots. If you don’t have a professional branding guide, consider creating one. 

2. Integrate Social Media with a QR Code

While we’re on the topic of branding, incorporating a QR Code that links to your social media accounts is a simple way to engage with your attendees and let them get to know you. Whether the QR code is placed in the corner of your sign-in sheet or a sign on the table, make sure it’s noticeable. 

3. Ask the Right Questions

Everything should fit on one line on the sign-in sheet. We all know the basics: Address, Email, and Phone Number. But are you asking additional questions that could help prioritize your leads? Here are some suggestions:

  • Are you working with a Realtor?
  • Realtor’s Name
  • Are you interested in a free home valuation?
  • How long have you lived in your home? 
  • Do you own your home?

4. Incentivize the Sign-In

How fun are giveaways? Everyone loves the idea of winning stuff, even if it’s not expensive. If people are willing to buy raffle tickets, they will likely sign simple information to win a prize. Mention that a name will be randomly selected to win whatever you’re offering! 

5. Sign the first line yourself!

This is a simple yet forgotten-about tip. If you’re using a paper sign-in sheet, fill out the first line yourself. No one likes being the first person to sign in. The more names seen on the paper will increase the chances of more people joining.