What does Bluey know about real estate? A lot!

cartoon yard theme

For a segment of the population—toddlers, preschoolers and their exhausted parents—the Heeler family from Australia needs no introduction. The imported kid’s show focuses on the title character, Bluey, a young Australian Blue Heeler, her younger sister, Bingo, and their two parents. It’s shown here in the U.S. on Disney Channel and Disney+ and is beloved by kids and parents alike. 

Most importantly for us, the latest episode, “The Sign,” focused on real estate. It was so anticipated that Bluey’s imaginary home resulted in a very real for-sale listing. One of the show’s themes was how hard it is to say goodbye to a family’s home. Here’s more on that and two other lessons the episode taught viewers about real estate. 

No one likes to say goodbye.

While buying or selling a home is often a joyous occasion, we know it can be hard to say so long to a house with years of memories in it. That was what this episode was all about, and it was certainly an emotional tug-of-war for parents and children alike.

To make the transition easier, experts recommend, among other ideas, saying farewell to each room while remembering the good memories in it, writing a letter to the new owners about everything your family loved about the house or recording a farewell video to the house for your own viewing later. 

Buyers should have a list of must-haves. 

While compromise is often the key to a successful journey home, house hunters should have a list of the features they need in their next home – as well as a separate list of amenities they would like to have. The couple who was in line to buy Bluey’s home really wanted a pool. Instead of listening to his buyers, their agent tried to convince them that a pool wasn’t needed to get them to settle, which wasn’t good for anyone involved. (The Realtor in this episode didn’t come off great, but we know we work with some of the most caring professionals in the area.)

The closing process is often misunderstood. 

Without giving away spoilers, Bluey’s home sale falls through because the prospective buyers find a property that better fits their needs on the same day the Heeler family is packing up to leave. Here’s what we want anyone to know about the closing process: Finalizing your transaction takes time, but the Focus Title team is here to make sure everything goes smoothly for both the buyer and the seller.  

What did one of our favorite kid’s shows get wrong? First, an Earnest Money Deposit would have had to be made, and plenty of paperwork would have had to be signed, but Bluey made it seem like buying a different house was as easy as exchanging a similar item at the store. Talk about creative license!

Want to know more about how a closing here in Wisconsin works? Or are you ready for a great title team to get your transaction across the finish line? Reach out to Focus Title anytime.